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透明睫毛固定剂 笔头式(6支)

Clear coating helps eyelash extensions last longer. Provides a shiny protective coating to eyelash extensions.
Lash coating should be used once a day after the application is completed.

    • Brush Type 10 ml / 0.338 oz (About 70 applications)
      A set of 6 bottles.
    • For Classic extensions users only
    • Protects lashes from moisture, oil and dust
    • Avoid direct sunlight to store

    Instructions: Apply every day after washing face. Take a small amount of coating and apply onto the base of lashes. Brush up and then separate the lashes. Coating helps the lashes to stay upward and prevents them from tangling. Avoid contact with the skin and eye.
    Sell within one year, and once opened, use product within 6 months.
    Expiration date is marked on the bottom of the bottle.