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[ENGLISH VERSION] Classic Eyelash Extensions Textbook

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Become an expert and start building your dream career now by mastering the art of eyelash extensions.

This Classic Extensions Textbook gathers all the knowledge and experience we have gained since the founding of MARIE LASH back in 2016.
It explains in detail everything you need to know when performing classic eyelash extensions.
Having the best understanding of products and how they work and having a wider approach to classic eyelash extensions will help you being a better eyelash artist.
It will also help you explain details to your clients, select the best design to match their facial features, and help you prevent any complaints.

This book contains 236 pages of powerful knowledge, summarized in both text and a lot of very explanatory pictures and designs.


List of chapters
1 - About Eyelash Extensions
2 – Equipment and Supplied
3 – Setting Up
4 – Sanitization and Sterilization
5 – Eye and Lash Anatomy
6 – Eye, Skin and Eyelid Diseases
7 – Consultations
8 – Designs
9 – Patch Testing
10 – Mannequin Practice
11 – Removal Techniques
12 – Model Practice
13 – Infill Method
14 – Appointment History
15 – Flat Lashes
16 – Colour Extensions
17 – Bottom Lashes
18 – Retention
19 – Customer Service
20 – Preventing Complaints
21 – Self-Care
22 – How To Take Photos